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Antyodaya Shramik Suraksha Yojana: Get 10 lakh Rupees, West Bengal Post Office Is Going To Launch a New Scheme

Antyodaya Shramik Suraksha Yojana: Get 10 lakh Rupees, West Bengal Post Office Is Going To Launch a New Scheme

Antyodaya Shramik Suraksha Yojana: A Boon for Workers in West Bengal

Post Office, a beacon of trust and reliability in India’s financial landscape, is set to launch a new scheme in West Bengal that promises to provide significant benefits to workers. The Antyodaya Shramik Suraksha Yojana, a scheme managed by India Post and India Post Payments Bank, aims to offer insurance benefits of up to 10 lakh rupees to laborers, ensuring financial stability and security for them and their families.

Key Features of Antyodaya Shramik Suraksha Yojana:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: It encompasses a wide range of benefits, including accidental insurance of Rs. 10 Lakhs and Rs. 5 Lakhs, Disability benefits, Hospitalisation benefit etc. all tailored to cater to the unique needs of the shramiks.
  • Affordable Premiums: Being offered at very affordable annual premium rate of Rs. 499/- for Rs. 10 Lakhs cover and Rs. 289/- for Rs. 5 Lakhs cover, making it accessible to shramiks from all walks of life.
  • Easy Enrollment Process: Shramiks can conveniently enroll through nearest post office/Post man/Grameen Dak Sewak.
  • Pan India Coverage: Post the successful pilot launch, the scheme will be rolled out pan India to cover over 28 Crore+ shramiks. This nationwide coverage will ensure that every shramik, regardless of their geographical location can avail the benefits.

By ensuring financial security, accidental cover and hospitalisation benefits, this scheme will empower shramiks to contribute more effectively to the nation’s progress.

The insurance plan recommended below has capital benefits and allied/ additional value-added benefits meeting the needs of the labour workforce of our nation. Capital benefits are linked to death and disability on account of accidents. Allied benefits would help the Insured member or their family take care of the incidental expenses that could get impacted in case of an accident.

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A Successful Pilot in Gujarat

The scheme has already been piloted successfully in Gujarat, where it was introduced in July last year. Following its success in Gujarat, the scheme is now poised to be launched on an experimental basis in several locations across West Bengal. This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to improving the lives of working-class citizens and providing them with a safety net in times of need.

Extensive Coverage and Accessibility

One of the most remarkable aspects of this scheme is its extensive coverage. It is reported that the scheme will be available through 1.6 lakh post offices across the country, ensuring that a large number of working people can benefit from it. According to Post Office sources, approximately 28 crore working individuals have already been included under the scheme. However, in an effort to reach even more people, the scheme is being expanded further by the Post Office.

Antyodaya Shramik Suraksha Yojana: Benefits

The Antyodaya Shramik Suraksha Yojana offers comprehensive insurance coverage to workers. In the unfortunate event of accidental death, the scheme provides a sum of Rs 10 lakhs to the nominee. Additionally, in cases of accidental disability resulting in physical impairment, the scheme offers Rs 5 lakhs. The affordability of the scheme is another key feature, with a premium of just Rs 499 per annum for coverage up to Rs 10 lakh and Rs 289 per annum for coverage up to Rs 5 lakh.

Empowering Workers Through Financial Security

This scheme is not just about providing insurance benefits; it is about empowering workers and giving them a sense of financial security. By offering affordable insurance coverage, the scheme ensures that workers and their families are protected against unforeseen circumstances, allowing them to focus on their work without the constant worry of financial insecurity.

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Conclusion Of Antyodaya Shramik Suraksha Yojana

The Antyodaya Shramik Suraksha Yojana is a commendable initiative by the Post Office, aimed at providing much-needed financial security to working-class individuals in West Bengal. With its affordable premiums and comprehensive coverage, the scheme has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of millions of workers across the country. As the scheme is rolled out in more locations, it is expected to bring about positive change and improve the overall well-being of workers in India.